Welcome to the Himalayan Youth Foundation UK

We invite you to join us as a Friend of Kailash

HYF-UK is a small charity run by volunteers and with minimal overheads. We mostly rely on the generosity of a small number of individuals who each sponsor a child living as part of the Kailash Family. Sometimes, however, such as after an earthquake or when the children need a new school bus, we reach out to our Friends.

What is a Friend of Kailash?
Being a Friend of Kailash means joining our mailing list and receiving our quarterly newsletter. It also means thinking of the Kailash children if you’re planning to run a marathon, or ski-dive for the first time … there’s nothing so motivating as fundraising for a good cause!

How to become a Friend of Kailash?
It’s as easy as clicking here info@hyf-uk.org to send us your email address and we’ll be in touch.

Building for Education!

We are planning an exiting new project which will provide new study and social training facilities for our children. New land has been purchased and plans have been drawn up, but we need to raise the necessary funds before building can commence.

Any donation, big or small will help us on our way.
Please donate via our Just Giving campaign, via the following link: https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/hyf-uk/caring.

Further details of the Study and Social buildings can be found at here.

HYF UK – Caring and Educating

Today, HYF UK cares for over 200 children in Nepal and Bhutan and has been able to finance the construction of purpose-built facilities at each location with the help of its generous sponsors. HYF UK is a well-run foundation concentrating on providing a quality home and educational experience for the children. Our hostel in Kathmandu is home to 103 children and our school in Bhutan currently has 150 children enrolled. At present, the focus for HYF UK is to enrich our programmes for the students by strengthening the quality of education and expanding our extracurricular activities. To this end, we are expanding our facilities at Kailash Home with an Education Centre; we have completed a Support for Learning programme; and we are seeking funds for a secondary education endowment.