Welcome to the Himalayan Youth Foundation UK

HYF UK – Caring and Educating

Today, HYF UK cares for over 200 children in Nepal and Bhutan and has been able to finance the construction of purpose-built facilities at each location with the help of its generous sponsors. HYF UK is a well-run foundation concentrating on providing a quality home and educational experience for the children. Our hostel in Kathmandu is home to 103 children and our school in Bhutan currently has 150 children enrolled. At present, the focus for HYF UK is to enrich our programmes for the students by strengthening the quality of education and expanding our extracurricular activities. To this end, we are expanding our facilities at Kailash Home with an Education Centre; we have completed a Support for Learning programme; and we are seeking funds for a secondary education endowment. Read More

Expanding Kailash

Our Kailash home was built in 2007 using donated funds, to provide for young children who were just starting out on their educational journey. The focus at the time was feeding the young children and providing a roof over their heads. At the outset, study was elementary, and we were able to use the children’s dining rooms as “homework” areas.

Fast forward 10 years, and the children’s needs are very different. As the children have matured, their educational needs have expanded and they need dedicated study areas, with library and IT facilities to support their studies and enable them to fulfil their potential.

The Education Centre will fulfil these needs.

In addition to formal education we also need to provide for vocational training and tutoring, and to develop cultural skills which are an essential part of the Nepali lifestyle. New kitchen space is needed to enable training in catering and food science. We also want to encourage visits from sponsors and volunteers and for this we need to provide some accommodation. We have developed the plans for the Social Building to fulfil these needs.

Fundraising has been under way for some time, and we have been able to purchase the necessary land on which the new centres will be built. Plans have been drawn up, and, we have quotations for all the necessary building work. Construction worked is planned to commence early in 2018 and prior to that date we need to raise a further £35,000. To help, click here.