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The earthquake of Saturday 25 April has left unimaginable levels of devastation behind it. Although early indications are that the children at Kailash Home are all safe, we are sadly aware that this is not the case for some of their families, and we are also still searching for some of our previous graduates and university students. The damage to our buildings is relatively minor compared to other areas of Kathmandu, but so far the children still eat and sleep outside as it remains a fluid situation with ongoing tremors, uncertainty about the structural integrity of any structure that has been rocked so violently, and the simple fear of being in a building after such a harrowing experience.

We have rations for the next few days and we will put in place the best plans to get basic amenities and food. However, as you can imagine, nothing is simple at this time. Many sponsors and supporters of HYF have asked how they can help, a response which has been heart warming to us and all of our stand children in Nepal. We have started a JustGiving page to take donations to fix Kailash Home and to help other vulnerable children as soon as reconstruction begins – please click here if you want to help.

Update 12 May 2015

Another 7.3 magnitude earthquake has hit Nepal this morning. We have been in touch with the staff at Kailash and although once again they are unsettled, we are glad that they are all well and the buildings appear to have suffered no additional damage. As a precaution, we have moved the children to tents in the parking area until the structural integrity of the buildings is confirmed. The monsoon rains have arrived early and heavily – so we need to resolve this soon. Nepal continues to suffer and needs international help. Please donate, thank you.

Update 8 May 2015

We now know the extent of the damage to the Kailash Home and the surrounding community. After 10 nights of sleeping “rough” in the Car Park, we have been able to move the children back into their dormitory buildings. Sadly we are learning of loss of homes and lives in the children’s extended families in remote areas.

Locally, we have assessed the damage to the administration buildings, the local schools, and the local infrastructure. Thanks to the generous response to our campaign we have started to put the remedial work programmes in place. We are still assessing the damage to another local orphanage which is affiliated to Kailash.

In the outlying areas where the children’s families live, we are supporting operations to deliver food, medical aid and shelter. Senior members of HYF are on their way to Kathmandu next week.