Sponsor a Child

Kailash Home, Nepal

The Kailash Home, which is run in Nepal by the Himalayan Children’s Foundation, provides education, health and welfare for up to 100 orphaned and impoverished children from remote regions of Nepal. The Himalayan Youth Foundation has been established as a charity in both the US and UK to identify sponsors who will fund the children during their stay at the Kailash Home, and to raise funds to support the hostel itself. A major fundraising drive in 2007 enabled the hostel to move from a rented facility to purpose built premises comprising a boys’ dormitory, a girls’ dormitory and a communal building, all located in a secure compound on the eastern edge of Kathmandu.

The Children are provided to attend school and progress through 10 grades, with an option for a further 2 years of higher education, during which they live outside the hostel, giving a total sponsorship period of 12 years. Sponsors are requested to sign up for an initial period of 6 years, and given the option of extending for a further 6 years to complete the education cycle. At the end of the education cycle, the children are provided with guidance on employment, which includes the option of proceeding to university, although this is not currently part of the sponsorship / funding arrangements.

SellersSponsors may request to sponsor a boy or a girl, and are then provided with full details of the child chosen. Throughout the sponsorship period, sponsors are provided with details of the child’s progress via the issue of school reports and general information about hostel activities. Individual dialogue between the sponsor and the child is actively encouraged via letters, and as the child progresses, through e-mails and even messenger. A number of sponsors have been able to visit Nepal to meet the children.

In addition to their education by attendance of external schools close to the hostel, the hostel management provide care for the children and engage them in a varied programme of activities,which include sporting, musical, environmental and community activities.Each summer, a programme of home visits are arranged in which groups of children are taken back to their home villages to visit family and remind them of their roots. The hostel staff are very aware that at the end of their stay with HCF the children must be prepared to return to Nepali life.

The cost of sponsorship for new sponsors in 2017/8 is £1,100 per annum. This sum covers all costs for the child, including accommodation, food, uniforms, clothing, education, books, health, welfare and external activities. If you are interested, please click here to see details of Long Term Sponsorship

CTAS, Bhutan

Full sponsorship is a long-term commitment. Financial support is encouraged for the duration of the child’s education at CTAS. Your sponsorship will be sent to the school and compiled in a pool with other donations from across the world. It will be used to accommodate each child’s needs and ensure educational quality. All sponsors will receive an annual report from the school on the progress and accomplishments of the students.

Full year care and education of a child while he or she is attending the Choki Traditional Arts School in Bhutan.

Annual sponsorship: £400 per child

This amount covers tuition, food, books, lodging, uniforms and medical care.