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Kailash Home New Education Centre

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The buildings at our Kailash Home, which were completed in 2008, give our children a wonderful home in which they now live happily as part of the Kailash family. The primary focus in developing the original buildings was to provide good living accommodation with a warm feel. While this was achieved and the children feel at home, experience has shown that there are very limited faculties to support the children in their studies, and none at all which enable them to practice the music and dance and community activities, which are so much a part of the Nepali culture.

To fulfill these needs, we need to implement the final phase of the Kailash Centre and we have identified three key areas of development which will provide the required facilities:

  • A gathering space for assembling all the children in one place at one time, whether that means for meals, lectures, concerts, indoor games, or other community building activities (Block B on the plans below)
  • A dedicated learning center with quiet space and computers, tutors, and a reliable power generator (Block C-D)
  • A guesthouse for the steady stream of visiting teachers, artists, and volunteers who bring cultural enrichment and a global perspective to our children along with their technical expertise (Block E)

(note that the area marked F on the plan is our “dream for the future” which involves buying additional land to create dedicated playing facilities)


We have identified 2 small pieces of land which will provide space for the building work. and our cost estimate including land purchase is £260,000. We already have £140,000 raised, so we are over half way there!

We have been able to agree the purchase of the land parcels, and to have architectural services pro bono, enabling plans to be drawn up. We hope to be able to commence building in the summer, and complete construction by the start of the next school year in April 2016.

Working with our sister organisations, HYF in the USA, and Mountaineers for Himalayas based in Andorra, we are now seeking to raise the remaining funds to enable building work to commence. Here in the UK we are looking to raise £40,000 towards the outstanding balance of £120,000. We are reaching out to our entire family of sponsors, donors, and friends. With your support, we can raise the necessary funds to complete the entire plan.

This facility will change the life of so many children. Can you help to make it happen? We are grateful for any donation for such a worthy cause.

Please click the JustGiving button on the right and select Donate on our JustGiving website to make a contribution.