Sponsorship Model

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Our Model for giving our children the best possible education

We provide our children with a loving home and the opportunity for a full education.  Selecting children at the tender ages of 6 to 8 enables us to enter them at the very start of the educational cycle.

The Nepalese Education system provides education from nursery to level 10 in Junior schools. At the end of this period, the children sit final exams for their School Leaving Certificate (SLC).

The majority of our children then progress to Colleges for 2 further years of study up to Grade 12. During this period we provide counselling to help the children with their choice of career and further education. At this stage, the future star performers in medicine, finance, tourism and even sport start to emerge.

Finally, the brightest students head for University. Nepali Universities, many of whom have links with Indian, European and US colleges offer excellent courses.