Kailash Home Everest Marathon Team

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We have selected 5 children to run the EBC marathon. Their selection was dictated by their age, their school schedule and their aptitude.

Samdup Gurung

Samdup was admitted in HYF Kailash Home in April 2003 as a 7 year old boy. Both his parents were deceased. He comes from a remote mountain district called Lo-Manthang, Mustang, bordering with Tibet. Samdup has been actively running since 2013. He is a fast runner and  also has a strong endurance. His biggest participation was Mustang Trail Race of 180 km in 2016, where he finished in 5th position.

He is graduating this year from Grade 12 and will go on to University. His aim is to become a businessman and do charity work for orphan children. Everest Marathon is a life long opportunity for him to represent Kailash Home, which is an integral part of his life.

Then & Now: Samdup in 2003 (L) and 2017 (R)

Mangal Singh Tamang

Mangal comes from the Solukhumbu district of Everest region. He is a semi-orphan with no father. His father was a trekking porter. He joined Kailash Home in April 2003 as a 4 year old. By nature, he is a strong and good runner. He has been running since 2012 and took part in different trail races. He secured 3rd position in Mustang Trail Race of 180 km in 2016. He won several races in Kathmandu.

He wants to be a soldier and contribute his energy to the nation. Everest Marathon is a dream come true for him. He takes it as a great pride to represent Kailash Home and would like to dedicate this race to his sponsors.

Then & Now: Mangal in 2003 (L) and 2017 (R)

Samdup Tamang

Samdup is a good athlete. He represents his school in soccer and running team. He joined Kailash Home in April 2011 as a 12 year old boy. He is from a very poor family who lives in Timure village in Rasuwa, bordering with Tibet.

He has been taking part in various races. Recently, he won the 1st place in half marathon. Academically, he is the head of his class. To represent Kailash in Everest Race is like a miracle for him. He says he can’t believe it still.

He wants to pursue a career as a social worker.

Then & Now: Samdup in 2011 (L) and 2017 (R)


Samdup Tamang, Mangal Singh Tamang and Samdup Gurung with their 1st, 2nd & 3rd place respectively.

Sunita Tamang

Sunita is a very athletic girl. She is a good basketball player and represents her school team. Recently, she represented Nepal to play basketball in Bangladesh. Sunita was admitted in Kailash in April 2004, at the age of 6. She is from Sindhupalchok district of Nepal. She belongs to a very poor family. Her family lost their house during the 2015 earthquake which completely destroyed her village.

Sunita would love to be a professional basketball player. She finished in 6th place in women in Mustang Trail Race of 180 km in 2016.

Then & Now: Sunita in 2004 (L) and 2017 (R)

Lhakpa Nagarkoti

Lhakpa is from Timure village (next to Langtang) of Rasuwa district bordering with Tibet. She was admitted to Kailash Home in April 2004. She was 6 years old and had lost her mother.

Her biggest race was Mustang Trail Race of 180 km in 2016. Although, she didn’t get any place, she completed the race in 8 days with dignity.

She will enter Fashion Design school in Kathmandu next year.

Then & Now: Lhakpa in 2004 (L) & 2017 (R)


Kailash Home team training outside of Kathmandu


Victorious Team of Mustang Trail Race 180km (with stone medal)

(L-R): Mangal Singh Tamang, Lhakpa Nagarkoti, Jayang Wangdue, Sunita Tamang, Samdup Gurung